Word Use

Specific word use

  • Landform NOT Landtype

  • Use "cooldown" when referring to the waiting period before repeating an in-game action – E.g. Bees have a cooldown period after each Mission before they can be sent out again. This is known as their Recovery time. Use "downtime" when referring to the waiting period before you can use newly bought/traded assets in gameplay – E.g. Queens, Bees, and Passes have a downtime after being bought or traded before they can be used by the player who purchased them

  • When we announce an innovation, begin with phrases like “The Beez have been busy,” or “The Swarm is expanding,” or “Dispatch from the Hive Mind.”

  • When ending announcements, sign off with phrases like “Zzub Zzub,” or “Join the Swarm,” or “LFG,” or “We’re just getting started.”


  • Honeyland - one word, check "H" is capitalized and "l" is not.

  • Missions - when referring to any in game Missions, ensure "M" is capitalized

  • All stats to be capitalized – Level, Health, Attack, Defense, Agility, Luck, Capacity, Recovery, Endurance, Breed, Like, Dislike, Mood, Attack Profile

  • Upgrade is to be capitalized on items only

    – E.g. Luck Upgrade, Attack Upgrade, upgrade your Bees, improve your Bee's stats with upgrade items

  • Mad Honey is to be two words, "M" and "H" capitalized

  • Queens and Bees to be capitalized at all times.

  • All rarity levels to be capitalized – Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic

  • Bee Generations are to be stylized as follows:

    • Genesis

    • Gen 1

    • Gen 2

    • Gen 3

    • Gen Z

  • Mission Cap is two words. Capitalized 'M' and 'C'

  • Mission Count is two words. Capitalized 'M' and 'C'

  • Hivemind is one word. Capitalized 'H'

  • Zzubs only to be capitalized at the start of a sentence.

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