Basic Rules

  • We do NOT bully. We don’t get angry, but we sometimes talk a bit of shit if it’s all in good fun.

  • Keep it PG-13

  • Honey (HXD) is to be referred to as Honey (HXD) in the first instance in any body of text. It is interchangeable from then on in that same body of text – E.g. I've now Harvested over 1,000 Honey (HXD). I also deposited 500 HXD into my game account so I now have 1,500 Honey!

  • Emojis are free to be used liberally and emphatically. Just make sure they match the tone of the topic being covered. i.e., don't use 🔥 or 🎉 when talking about something somber.

  • Spell out numbers 1-9, use numerals for 10 and above. E.g. Nine questions, 10 posts.

    - Exception: If it’s a range, like 1-9, use numerals.

    - Exception: If the number starts the sentence, spell it out.

    - E.g. Forty-five Bees …”

  • Default to American spelling.

  • Use sentence case for titles and subtitles, meaning we don’t capitalize every word.

  • Use the serial comma, like so: this, this, and this.

  • Spell out most acronyms on the first use. E.g. Account-based marketing (ABM.)

  • Capitalize people’s titles if they appear alongside their name. E.g. Corey, Chief Operating Officer.

  • For everything else, consult the Associated Press Stylebook. (If our guide and theirs conflict, ours wins, as happens with titles.)

  • Ensure no spacing either side of a / or \ mark. (And/or NOT And / or)

  • Bullet pointed list entries do not finish with a full stop/period unless the last entry that's finishing a sentence.

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