Our Tone

While we’ll only ever have one voice (it’s who we are), sometimes, we’ll alter our tone to match the situation. (Like whispering in a crowded theater.) Sometimes, we’ll adopt pieces of the language of those we’re speaking to. For example, we know medical workers serve patients, not consumers.

In help docs, avoid jokes.

People who go there are typically frustrated or in need of assistance, and that humor rarely lands. -- Exception: Our website’s error page.)

In social media and in ads, it’s okay to abbreviate.

“Management” can become “mgmt” if needed.

In sales outreach, begin with the specific reason you’re reaching out.

If it’s difficult to be specific, it’s a sign you need to conduct more research.

On webinars, it’s okay to repeat yourself.

People are accustomed to boring webinars and tend to tune out. You can help them by intentionally reiterating your main point.

In legal documents, stick to our voice and avoid legalese.

Even if it’s accurate, it’s not accessible. We prefer our truths to be clear.

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